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Nevis 29th Jan – 6th Feb

by | Feb 11, 2016 | Voyage Logs | 1 comment

Weighed anchor in the predawn for the 45 mile crossing to Nevis. Calm at first but a bit offshore and we picked up a following or Soldiers wind. After a while calm again so engine back on but later we had wind back, about 15 knots.  Later when plotting position we had gone further than the log read, either  it was under reading or more likely the current was given us a helpful push westwards of I knot. Late morning we came into soundings again when passing over the bank to the north of Redona, a useful confirmation of position. The afternoon became cloudy and the wind dropped to about 10 knots but nothing threatening. Closing the coast of Nevis at the southern tip, Dogwood point it is easy to misjudge how far off you are. At first I though I was a mile offshore but realised what I thought were trees were just bushes and I closer inshore and the depth shallow. Easily corrected by a slight course change but a reminder to be ever vigilante. At least one yacht has been wrecked here. A little later I picked up a mooring buoy off Pinney’s Beach. 10 hrs for a 45 mile passage, not bad considering the light winds.

Pinney’s Beach is a lovely spot to just chill out and relax, a beautiful long beach, clear waters and some nice beach bars. One is owned by another Vancouver owner, so it was good to pay him a visit again, have a beer or two and catch up on things.

There was a beautiful modern classic 56’ sloop moored near by, “Spirited Lady of Fowey”, the skipper, Susie, dropped by one morning. Mark had mentioned that I was thinking of going to Cuba and that was her intention too. I was invited to her boat for a meal and we swopped notes. It was truely a lovely boat but must be a bit high maintainance with acres of teak decks and varnished woodwork.

Next day she took me to the hot springs, the existence of which I was unaware. The water was very hot, like a very hot bath, just bearable but on getting out you felt a little chilly in contrast although the air temperature was in the thirties, a strange feeling but slightly odd to have salt free body again.

One day I watched for ages a big shoal of little fish no more than about an inch swim about the boat, all changing direction at once just like you might see on a nature programme on the telly then some bigger fish perhaps 8 to 18 inches dart in to quick to grab a mouthful of them.

Oh and I saw a turtle that morning, thought they might be about here but that was the first I’ve seen here.

Another day I went for a cycle around the island. This time the opposite direction to last year and enjoyed it, legs bit tired afterwards – they don’t get enough use!

Would be so easy to stay here for ages but I felt the need to move on again, a long way to Cuba from here and first I want to go to St Maarten to stock up, it’s a duty free island and then I’ve a mind to call in at BVI.

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