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8th September – Cabo Finisterre

by | Sep 11, 2014 | Voyage Logs

Cabo Finesterre

Cabo Finesterre

A couple of days bad weather kept us in Camarinas, but then it was time to  round Cabo Finesterre. There was no wind so it meant a deal of motoring but at least conditions were calm, with just a little swell, for rounding this notable cape. Further on down this “Costa del Morte” I decided to take the inshore passage inside the unmarked rocks of Bajos los Meixidos and los Bruyos.  They do poke above the water though and the swell breaking over them gives a clear indication of their whereabouts. Passing Punta Queixal and its offlying rocks we entered the Ria Muros and proceeded to Muros where we anchored off the town outside the harbour.

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