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To the Spice Island

by | Dec 8, 2015 | Voyage Logs | 1 comment

Finally everything was done, the rigger had adjusted the rigging as the forestay was a little on the loose side. In the morning immigration and customs visited, duty free Gin and Rum purchased and provisions bought with the last of my Triny dollars. Noon and time to cast of the lines and reverse out of the dock. I’d been a long time in Trinidad. I motored out through all the moored and anchored boats in Chaguaramas Bay and then through the Boca passage to the open sea. It was a bit windier and the sea a little rougher than I would have liked for a first sail after such a long lay off but you just have to deal with what the weather gods send you.

It turned out to be a long hard passage, hard on the wind the whole way and with leeway and a very strong westerly current I had to point 30 to 40 degrees to the east to achieve a heading of north. No sleep, cooking was dismissed due to the conditions so just cold snacks. Plenty of spray came aboard but at least it wasn’t cold. 22 hours later I sailed into Prickly Bay Grenada and anchored. No rest yet though, the dinghy to inflate and ashore to visit customs and immigration then a hot walk to the bank for funds. Later Martin and Martha, a Dutch couple I had met in Trinidad came by and took me to happy hour at the bar and then it being Sat night half price pizza. So fed and watered so to speak I could retire to my bunk 36 hours after last lying down.

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