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22nd to 26th December – Mindelo

by | Dec 26, 2014 | Voyage Logs

Our first night we ate ashore to save our supplies for the crossing but also to sample the local fare. We had  sort of paella in a rooftop place where a traditional Cape Verde music band played – strong Senegal and Brazilian influence in the music. The town seems very relaxed.
Completed immigration and boat paperwork in the morning without too much fuss once I had found the right offices to go to. There didn’t seem to be any clear signs on doors.

Lunch was eaten at the market, had rice and some fried fish very tasty – a lively place with all sorts going on, women walking by with big baskets of fruit and veg on their heads. Very African here.
You can see that it is very poor, third world you might say, but the people are friendly and smiling.
One of the local dishes is ‘cachupa’ which is some sort of cooked grains, another staple is rice and beans and fish of course when available.

Christmas, well was different, no roast chicken and all the trimmings but we did have Christmas pudding which I had stashed in the food locker, plus custard of course. A culinary first for both my crew.
In the eve the town was really hopping, they had set up a sound system in one square near the beach, so music, people milling about all ages even the tiny tots dancing. Seemed like the whole town was parading about the streets, it was a nice atmosphere.

Friday morning I went to the maritime police and immigration to have the boat and us cleared for exit, as the offices are closed over the weekend. So tomorrow all being well with the meteo, we plan to set off for the atlantic crossing to Barbados 2000 n miles away.

Fishing on the beach

Fishing on the beach






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