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14th & 15th Oct – Ayamonte to Cadiz

by | Oct 15, 2014 | Voyage Logs

Late afternoon, some nice weather for a change and just a little before low water so me venture away from the marina, down the river and out over the bar. I was glad it wasn’t too bumpy as there was not much water. Once clear I had a fine wind and all plain sail set was off on a beam reach for Cadiz. It was about 65 or so mile so I knew that it would be an all night affair. About 5 miles out I passed over a very marked line where the water colour changed dramatically, it was very striking. A little after sunset and I passed two big ships at anchor, sort of in the middle of nowhere really a good 15 or more miles off the coast. I slid past their bows hoping the sleeping monsters didn’t awake and start moving. Until midnight though we were making good time. Then the wind which had been 10 to 15 knots went more westerly and died  to about 5 knots then less. I persevered for a while but eventually when our speed was 1 knot and it was 8 miles to the clearwater buoy I succumbed and on went the engine. So eventually I entered the harbour and then the marina and tied up in the first available berth. After a couple of hours sleep I went through the usual rigmoral at the office and moved to another berth. A grey day, rain later.

I must say since I reached the Algarve the weather has not been very good at all.

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